August 2009
3rd Site transferred to the Macquarie University Web Server.

December 2005
27th Update to the Reference Books, 95th Bibliography and Links pages.
6th Updates to the 95th Bibliography and Reference Books pages.
November 2005
16th Updates to the Aubrey, Other Naval Fiction and Other Military Fiction pages.
15th Brought the Reference Books section, Reference Sites section and Links up to date.
December 2004
20th Updated the Other Naval Fiction page.
3rd Updated the Other Naval Fiction page, the Ramage page, the Aubrey page, the Sharpe novels page, the Lausard page and the other military page.
June 2004
29th Changed contact email address.
March 2004
21st Updated the Other Naval Page.
13th Updated the Aubrey/Maturin Page.
October 2003
7th Update the 95th Bibliography.
6th Added a new Link. Updated the 95th Bibliography. New Reference Books.
5th Back on deck after stressful time. Sorting copyright permissions on the How I got hooked, Hornblower, Heyer, Ramage, Bolitho, Aubrey, Drinkwater, other naval, Sharpe, Other Cornwell, Lausard, Other Military and Reference book pages. Added note on a Killigrew Novel.
July 2003
14th New section on Wellington (ex odd thoughts) in Thinking out loud.
12th More work on Bernard Cornwell (Sharpe, other), Ramage, Aubrey and other (naval and military) pages.
6th Sorting of the Sharpe, other BC, Ramage, Aubrey and Other Military pages.
June 2003
30th Sorting the Hornblower books page.
27th Some sorting out on Aubrey, Other Naval and First and Second Reference pagespage.
25th Added new reference.
24th Acknowledgements page set up, Sources page updated. Sorting permissions on How I got hooked, Heyer, Forester, Kent, Drinkwater, Other naval, Lausard, other military and Reference Book sections.
10th Cover images removed pending permission from publishers. Please be patient while I sort out the mess.
May 2003
16th New Banner.
13th Updated Links. Added a quote from Surtees to Tactics. Finished illustrating Ramage. Another Aubrey/Maturin book summary.
11th Updated the Other Military, Other Naval and Ramage sections.
4th Update the Nathaniel Drinkwater and Other Naval pages.
3rd Some security issues fixed. Reorganised the book cover images and added some new ones to Other Naval Fiction. Added some synopses to the Ramage page.
April 2003
29th Updated the Other Naval Fiction Page.
28th Added some info on the latest Sharpe Novel and synopses of the last two Hornblower Movies.
27th Added some more Links and another book.
24th First version of the 95th's Bibliography ready to upload.
23rd More work on the 95th's Bibliography.
22nd Started a Bibliography of the 95th.
19th Corrected typo in Marcel Chapitre 5. Translated another paragraph.
18th Added "Woman at Work" image to the translated section of Marcel and highlighted doubtful sections and my comments. Corrected and added new URLS to Links and Reference Sites. Tidying up in Psychology and updated Sources and Reference Books.
12th Added a little "Woman at Work" image to some of pages where the work is still far from finished.
9th AT LAST ... I've finished scanning Captain Marcel, a new etext.
March 2003
27th Latest Sharpe novel released in Australia. Corrections to the page on Mitchell. Updated the tactics bit in Odd Thoughts.
24th Updated information on the new Jack Aubrey Movie.
17th Rewrite parts of the Sharpe Movie page, and added short intros for each of the Sharpe Novels. Changed image at top right of Novels page.
13th Corrected link on Reference Sites page.
11th Typo corrected in Rocca Chapter 9. ISP down for a couple of days around 27th February. If I haven't responded to an email please resend. Housekeeping on file names and links.
February 2003
22nd More References (slurp).
20th More updating of the Baker Rifle page.
17th Updated the Baker Rifle page.
14th Housekeeping on the Sharpe Calendar and Sources sections.
13th Housekeeping on Rifles at Talavera, Flintlock, KGL, Detachments and Forlorn Hope, History Pages.
12th Added links (to Canadian 1812 re-enactors, and Bernard Cornwell's site). Housekeeping on the Baker Rifle page. Added Illustrations to the Loading a Baker for Sharpshooting, Loading a Musket and Firing a Flintlock pages.
10th Added images to the page on Mitchell. Rewrite of Oporto.
9th Checked and updated Links.
8th Added a page on Major Thomas Mitchell of the 95th to, and reorganised the Random Shots page. Housekeeping in the Fan Fiction section.
7th Old Books upgraded to Regimental Library and moved to Random Shots. More information on Adam Neale received from Alan.
4th Added information on Adam Neale (author of "The Spanish Campaign of 1808") courtesy of his descendent, Alan.
1st Update "Over The Hills" and "Sharpe Movies" sections. Correct errors and typos on yesterdays work. Extend "Other Military Series" section.
January 2003
31ST General updating of the entire "How I got hooked" fiction section particularly the Forester, Other (Naval), Sharpe/Cornwell and "Lausard" pages.
30th Typos corrected on "Drinkwater" page. Restructured and extended the "Hornblower" section. Updated the "Aubrey" page with information on the upcoming film.
29th Updated the "Hornblower" page (new film)
27th Update to "Sharpe" and "Drinkwater" and "Other Naval Fiction" pages.
22nd Major update to "Massena's Retreat"
15th One more Reference Book.
14th Happy Christmas to all - updated the "Old Books" section, and added my Chrissy presents to Reference Books.
November 2002
8th Happy birthday to me! - updated Reference Books.
August 2002
14th Updated Reference Books.
12th Proof read and corrected "Hope's Despatch" and the introduction to "Soldier of the 71st".
11th Proof read and corrected "Soldier of the 71st".
10th Proof read and corrected "Neale". Updated the introduction to "Malcolm".
3rd Some corrections to "Malcolm" (Chapter 2, 3, 4).
July 2002
29th Some corrections to "Malcolm". More "Old Books".
27th Reorganised the Old Books page, and added some more titles.
26th Added another loan from Fisher and updated the comments on some References.
21st Bit more housekeeping. Some additions to "Old Books".
16th Been visiting libraries and bookshops, again!
14th Corrected navigation links on Structures.
13th Tidied up navigation links on Etexts. Added John Malcolm's Memoirs to Etexts. Reorganised the Structure of the British Army section.
12th Added Neale's "Spanish Campaign" to the Etexts.
June 2002
29th Added "A Solder of the 71st" to the Etexts and added links to the Etexts from the References. Decided this page was getting too long and added an archive page for it.
24th Updated links on other naval fiction. Rearranged and updated the fiction section.
23rd Re-organised reference books, to reduce page sizes. Thanks to Sol for giving me facsimiles of the Rifle regulations and Captain Barber's Instructions (see reference books). Broken links fixed, thanks to those webmasters who responded promptly. Info on the latest Sharpe, Lausard and other books.
21st Updates on some links.
15th Housekeeping
14th No real updates, just got bored with the appearance of the site, and generated some nice backgrounds.
13th Thanks to Peter for some notes on loading a Musket or Baker Rifle and firing them. Also another etext, Sir John Hope's despatch from Corunna.
12th Added more links. Slight modifications to FanFic introductions.
11th Update Alan Kempner's Email address (Sharpe's Gator). Another Reference Book.
May 2002
20th More new references (another browse in Fisher Library).
1st Yes, I am still here. Spelling correction in Rocca Chapter 9
January 2002
14th Aaaah Christmas! Added titles to Reference Books. Added new information to the "Structure" page.

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