Random Shots from a Non-Rifleman

A number of disconnected pieces of research, mainly concerned with the 95th Rifles and the Peninsular War. Some of them started as research for my fan fiction. As the site grows they may find a home at the end of another trail.

The title is lifted from Johnny Kincaid's second book.

A Company of Rifles at Talavera
But they weren't even there
A Rifleman Down Under
Major Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell, Surveyor General of New South Wales
The Baker Rifle
Tale of a famous weapon
A peek behind the lockplate
The King's German Legion
One of the key component's of Wellington's army
Battalions of Detachments
Odds and sods of the army
The Forlorn Hope
What, who, why?
Regimental Library
Reading for the serious career officer c. 1800

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