Rifleman of the 95th, c. 1810. Image courtesy of Ken Ambrose of the Royal Green Jacket Assoc Site.Origins
Early British, American and Continental experiments with riflemen
The Experimental Corps of Riflemen
Early years of the 95th (Rifle) Regiment
1803-early 1808
The South American Expedition (Monte Video & Buenos Aires)
The first Peninsular Campaign
Mondego Bay to Corunna/Vigo (1808-1809)
Walcheren and Portugal
The Walcheren Expedition, Wellesley's return to Portugal, Massena's Invasion (1809-1811)
Into Spain
Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, Salamanca & Madrid (1811-1812)
Into France
The Vitoria Campaign, The Pyrenees, Southern France (1813-1814)
North America and the Low Countries
Washington, New Orleans, Flanders and Waterloo (1814-1815)
A list of books specifically or significantly about the 95th.

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