The Sharpe Calendar


This calendar is based on work done by the Sharpe news group, with additions by myself from various references. In particular I am deeply indebted to the works of Haythornthwaite, Weller and Oman. The calendar is divided into two: the left hand columns give major international events; the right hand columns give details of the life of Richard Sharpe (hero of Bernard Cornwell's novels) plus some personal details of people he would have known.

The Calendar varies in detail. For much of the European and Naval war only the major battles are listed. More detail is included on the Peninsular War, and the campaigns in India. The terminology for the campaigns is that used in English history. England was at war with France from 1793 (when they joined the 1st Coalition) till 1802 (the Peace of Amiens) and this is usually described as the "Revolutionary War". During this period there were two major wars in Europe - the War of the 1st Coalition and the War of the 2nd Coalition - plus a number of other campaigns like the Campaigns in India and the Campaign in Egypt. War was declared again in May 1803 and continued until April 1814 and this is usually known as the "Napoleonic War". The Wars of the 3rd to 6th Coalition occurred during this time, as well as the Peninsular War and the Russian Campaign. The Waterloo Campaign is properly part of the War of the 7th Coalition.


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