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Historical Links

The Peninsular War Site of Andrew Jackson gives an overview and describes some of the major battles.
The Napoleon Series has discussion groups, submitted articles, electronic source material (ex-copyright), projects, book reviews, etc. A merger of the two competing sites.
The Napoleonic Guide - Information on Napoleon, his wars and his time
Military History Maps from the US Military Academy, with a section on the Napoleonic Wars, including a couple of Spain.
Literature on the Age of Napoleon is one of the most detailed bibliographies on the web on contemporary writings. It includes a pretty comprehensive list of memoires and links to Digital Texts.
Historical Documents collection on the Hillsdale College site, including the French Revolutionary Series, seems to have been shut down
The War Times Journal site has an archive of etexts, including a section on the Napoleonic Wars.
The King's German Legion site has expanded to become The Hannoverian Military History Workgroup, an even-more information-packed, bi-lingual site based in Germany.
US Rifle Regiments - The Lost Lineage, a brief history of rifle regiments in the US Army.
The Regency Web Site of Anne Woodley looks at the world behind the Napoleonic wars both fact and fictional. is a commercial site (replicas) with articles including an essay on the Rifles at Corunna in the section on the Napoleonic Era.
Lesley Nelson's Folk Song Page, a treasury of anglo/celtic folk songs, includes "Over the hills and far away".
The Sharpetorium - not just Sharpe, but a major source of links to history, geography and military sites.

95th (Rifle) Regiment, Relations and Successors.

Royal Green Jacket Association - Ex-rifleman's association for the current version of the 95th - actually the combined 95th, 60th, 52nd and 43rd.
The Royal Green Jackets History site (which used to be part of the RGJA pages).
Mark Adams' Greenjackets Rifles Site - A 'community' site for current and ex-Greenjackets.
The 95th page at, the Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth.

Re-enactment Groups

1st Battalion of the 95th Rifles - based in the UK
2nd Battalion of the 95th Rifles - An Australian reenactment group with an excellent web site, including the text of Lt-Col Leach's Sketch History of the regiment in the Peninsular.
Unofficial site of the 2/95th - An informal site, run by the 2/95th's webmaster with potential for discussion.
2nd Battalion, 95th Rifles - UK-based reenactment group
3rd Battalion, 95th (Rifles) Regiment of Foot - A North American reenactment group - seem to have vanished from the web.
Royal American Regiment - Also known as the 60th, whose 5th battalion was the first rifle battalion in the British Army. Based in the US.
First Regiment of US Riflemen - A US group based at Fort Atkinson. The 1st US Riflemen were formed in 1808, but disbanded mid-century.
73rd Regiment of Foot - Governor Macquarie's regiment. Never in the Peninsular, but served with Wellesley in India, before replacing the NSW Regiment (the Rum Corps) in Australia. Another Australia re-enactment group.
42nd Royal Highland Regiment, The Black Watch - they carried Moore from the field at Corunna. Another Australian group.
Military Re-Enactment Society of Canada - Also known as the Incorporated Milita of Upper Canada, a War of 1812 reenactment group (Canadians love thumping Yanks!)

Museums and Libraries

Fisher Library, University of Sydney (a fantastic collection, and resource)

Sharpe Links

Bernard Cornwell's own web site, with information on previous and upcoming books.
The Sharpe Appreciation Society (official fan club)
Starrider's Sharpe Page (Pictures and links)
The Harper Defence League (Pat Harper, a man of his time)
The Essential John Tams, for those who love the music
The Napoleon Guide Movie Reviews, need I say more?

Sean Bean Links

The Compleat Sean Bean (Everything you ever wanted to know)
Starriders Sean Bean Site (Pictures and links)
The Full of Beans (Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!, including Sharpe, used to be "The Faces of Sean Bean.)

Naval Fiction Links

Nigel Bailey's Naval Fiction Site seems to have vanished :-(
Broadside - The Nautical Fiction Web Page of Niall Kelly (Another good site for fans of naval fiction)
Alexander Kent. This used to be at the Tall Ships site. Lists all the books, features a biography of Bolitho and much more.
Julian Stockwin. Featuring his expanding "Kydd" series.
Hornblower at Napoleon Guide


Ian Fletcher's Battlefield Tours is a commercial site. Used to have a nice, factual archive section and great links but they've been cut and it's just the tour advertising now.
Waterloo Battle Tours: just what it says!

These links are unsanctioned since the site owners/managers didn't respond to my email.

The Flash of Flint on Steel ( - How to set up and maintain a flintlock muzzle loader
Flintlock ( - a brief description of the flintlock mechanism
NapoleonicWars.Com ( - Information, e-texts, maps etc
5th Battalion, 60th Royal American (Rifles) ( - A UK-based reenactment group
Book Browser ( - the guide for avid readers

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